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GC Garage Door Repair of Chicagoland is here to help with any of your garage door spring needs in and around Chicago. Our garage door spring technicians have years of experience replacing garage door springs, and can work on any sized spring or garage door when your springs break at a great price. Just give GC a call and one of our expert garage door spring replacement technicians will be out to you in no time to help get your garage door back in working order.

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Broken Garage Spring?

Garage door springs are one of the most important parts of your garage door system. Their function is to offset the weight of the garage door, making it possible to open and close by hand or by motor. If your springs break, don’t wait, and don’t try to fix it on your own. Instead give GC Garage Doors a call right away at (708) 294-8864.
It really isn’t a matter of if your garage door springs break, it is when. This is because garage door springs are rated on “cycles”. A “cycle” refers to the garage door opening and closing one time. 

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Garage door springs can be rated anywhere between 5,000 and 50,000 cycles. So when your garage door spring breaks, it’s not something to wait around on. Give GC Garage a call right away at 1-708-294-8864 to get your garage door up and running safely once again.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

You never know when you’ll say “my garage door spring broke!” It could happen at any moment. That’s why you need a garage door repair company that will be available to help you any time, and any day. That is why GC Garage Door Spring Repair offers our services to Chicago around the clock. So if your garage door spring breaks in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the day, just give us a call, and an expert garage door spring repair person will be over to your home, and have everything fixed before you know it.

We have a longstanding reputation for providing exceptional garage door torsion spring replacement replacement in Greater Chicagoland. What sets us apart from the competition, is the methods that we use. Some things you can expect when a GC garage door repair Chicago technician comes to your door:

  • We provide garage door coil spring replacement. We will replace both garage door springs when we come out. Why? Because when one spring breaks, the second is likely going to break shortly thereafter. Springs will be installed at the same time originally. They will be of the same type, and therefore have the same cycle rating. Since they are operating on the same garage door, they will have gone through the same amount of cycles. Therefore, even if the other spring appears to be okay, it is not, it’s about to break. And we don’t think it’s okay to leave you with that. So we always replace both springs whenever we do a spring replacement in Chicagoland.
  • We pay attention to the details. When your garage door springs break, it is crucial that you replace them with the right garage door springs. The key to successful replacement is precision. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your garage door, garage door springs, and ensure that they have the correct gage of garage door spring shafts for the weight of your particular garage door.
  • We perform a safety inspection. In order to ensure that all the other hardware on your garage door is in proper working order, we perform a safety inspection that checks that all of your garage door parts meet all safety rules and regulations. Considering the rest of the door was installed with the springs when you got it installed, they have just as much wear and tear as the springs and may have malfunctioned as well and you haven’t noticed yet. To put your mind at ease, we will check your existing garage door at the time of garage door springs installation to make sure you don’t have any unnoticed issues that could be resolved while we are there.

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